Getting Your RV Wi-Fi Set Up

08 Nov

rv wifi

There are many reasons why an RV with WiFi might be a good idea. You could use it to keep up with friends and family in the area, but if they leave their laptops behind at the campsite, they will not be able to get back online. They might not even be able to stay online on the internet unless there is a spotty signal. An RV with WiFi could keep these folks connected all day long.


So where should an RV with WiFi get its power from? Easy…your camper, or an appliance that plugs into the camper (like your laptop) or into the RV’s wall outlet. With an RV that has RV wifi, a campground wifi system could extend all the way to the vehicle! An RV with WiFi can act as a backup for your home internet connection, giving you internet access wherever you are. It’s just like having an extension of your home computer in your recreational vehicle. You’ll be able to watch movies, play online games, and connect to the web wherever you may be.


To get your camping wifi set up properly, however, you must take the proper steps to assure a strong signal. Your camper and its WiFi antenna must be in the direct line of sight of the wifimax router. These antennas must also be within about thirty feet of each other. Another thing to note is that the signal strength of your signal increases as the number of waves that carry the signal increase. For instance, the strength of a satellite dish would be greatly increased as the number of waves carrying the signal increase. That’s why an RV with WiFi needs to be positioned in an open area where it will be exposed to plenty of strong signals.

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An RV with WiFi gives you even easier setup. Rather than hooking up one computer to each of your mobile devices with wireless adapters, you simply need to locate your wireless router and put the devices there. Most devices can be connected to your RV WiFi network without any hassle. In fact, most of them can be connected to your RV’s network in under 10 seconds.


When it comes to getting your RV WiFi set up in a location where your antennas aren’t visible, you have two options. One option is to use a wired connection. You can purchase a small cable that connects each of your antennas to your computer or laptop. The advantage of this method is that signals are much stronger when using a cable, although you will sacrifice some convenience by not being able to see your radios or laptops when you’re traveling.


The second option is to use a cellular cell plan instead of a wired connection. If you don’t already have a cell plan with a cellular provider, you can easily obtain one at a cellular service provider near you. Your RV’s internet access is provided by your cellular provider, which means that your RV is connected to the same network as the rest of your household. This is much more convenient than being connected to different internet access points and may be worth the additional expense to have cellular service. Remember to check with your cellular provider regarding their internet access rates before purchasing your RV to ensure that you get enough bandwidth and speed for your RV plan.

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