Learning to Play Instruments Through Online Videos and Tutorials

22 Jul

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As the saying goes, music is food for soul, it is also a way to express feelings, emotions and desire. A language with no words. Similarly, playing a musical instrument can help you soothe your mind and soul. Wait! You don’t know how to play one? Well, that’s why we here for. No, no, not to give you address of a music academy but helping you play instruments online and that too from the comfort of your home. Whether you are new to the world of music or struggling to improve your existing skills, thanks to the internet that you can now learn to play any musical instrument at home

Let’s start listing down the instruments and how to play them through online videos.

Bass Guitar

Christian songs on bass and is quite easy to use and easy drum worship songs understand. For those who adore rock music and pop stars, they can get their hands on this one. It is, in some ways, similar to acoustic part. The only difference is the number of strings which differ from six in acoustic guitar to 4 in a bass guitar. There are numerous YouTube video tutorials to help you get started from the basic christian songs with guitar chords online.


Small and portable, Ukulele is a pleasant music instrument adored by many. There are different courses and websites offering programs and classes to beginners interested in playing Ukulele. Their fee structure varies from course to course but one thing that we can give guarantee, is that they all are super affordable and more fun when some of them have built-in game like tutorials to make your learning experience more fun and exciting. You can visit Skillshare and other teaching websites letting you try for free for a specific period of time after which, you are required to pay monthly or annually. If the cost factor doesn’t settle with you, you can still look up to YouTube flooded with hundreds of video tutorials.

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This pocket-sized instrument instills a great deal of music alterations when played with other instruments or worship vocal and singing lessons online. The humming sound of this small instrument creates a sweet melody that touches your heart. The step by step tutorial given by Mitch Grainger is a popular online tutorial available on YouTube. There is also a website called Udemy which is tutoring thousands of young people to play Harmonica online. All you have got to do is pay for the monthly subscription that is less than $15 and you are good to enter the online classroom.


As simple and elegant as it can get, this small woodwind instruments instills serenity into one’s soul when played. Websites like Learn to Play Music.com and Preply provide beginners with free lessons. Websites like these are helping thousands of children across the globe to learn to play recorder and improve their Christian, praise and worship music online will improve with the passage of time. You can also take help from music tutorials and pay for on demand tutorials from various instrument playing websites.

We hope this article has made you aware of different online instrument playing platforms.

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